An easily modifiable robot as a prototype basis

Prototype your own system with our easy to modify wooden robot as flexible base. The Prototype Platform from Toposens.


– Robot Brain S/N 7

– RoboClaw 

– 2 x wheelchair motors 24V/250W, 75 rpm

– 2 x battery AGM 12V/32Ah

– charger

– Wood-Chassis

There are two 12 V AGM batteries in the robot, each with 32 Ah, which are connected in series. As a result, a nominal on-board voltage of 24 V is achieved.

The robot can be controlled via Bluetooth with the Zauberzeug app (Android, iOS). The commands go directly to the ESP32 and work even if the main system on the Jetson has not yet started.

The application software consists of RoSys and ROS.

Create new solutions with our bases.



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